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The "Speed Up Songs" trend is one to watch. It's taking off on TikTok (and not only there):
these are songs - usually slow and/or sad ones initially - that are sped up and boosted with beats per minute.

The end result? After a dose of "speed," songs suddenly become livelier and - sometimes - more interesting.

This type of content is proliferating on social media among the younger generations. One reason for this practice? The increased freedom achieved in using copyrighted songs after speeding them up.
In short: you speed up, the song (sometimes) becomes nicer... and the algorithms bother you less. 😉

The most popular and widely used hashtags? Search for: #speedupsongs, #spedupsongs, #spedupsongstiktok, #spedupsongsdisney, #spedupsounds, #speedsongs, #speedup, #spedup.
Also, try following @spotifyspeed__songs.
Fun fact: the hashtag #spedupsongs has billions and billions of views! Many original songs that had been forgotten... have made a comeback thanks to #speedup.

Other things to know about #speedupsongs

Youtube Looking for #speedup songs and playlists? Check out YouTube. Youtube

In #speedupsongs, along with the speed, the pitch of the song is also increased.
Are you familiar with the Chipmunks effect? 😀

Alvin and The Chipmunks Sing

The increase in pitch is useful for giving a special liveliness to the voice and for obtaining a more cheerful and engaging version of the original song.

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